How to be a killer Digital Marketing Manager

If you’re a sponge, this course is for you. Over 20 topics and 150 individual lessons you will soak up all of the information about digital marketing necessary to shoot down the highest paid person’s opinion (the HiPPO) with data and start making decisions based on fact rather than opinion. 

From technical SEO and paid search skills, to strategy, project management and other cultural tools, you will learn everything you need to bridge the gap from academia to the real world, or improve the digital marketing department you are already working in.  

Expert Yet Accessible

Content taught by industry professionals in bitesized video lessons.

Practical Activities

Applicable tasks to make a tangible difference in your own business - the more work you put in the better!

Interactive Quizzes​

A fun way to test your knowledge & ensure you never stop learning throughout the course.

What will you learn?

The tools we’ll give you to Shoot the HiPPO

We’ve kept this course accessible and jargon-free. Each topic starts with a story that brings it to life, followed by theoretical lessons, useful models, practical activities and interactive quizzes. 

The first few topics outline the challenge faced by Digital Marketing Managers and some of the things that we believe are the foundation of success in the role. 

The latter topics are more tactical and deliver detail on some of the core digital marketing channels such as paid search, social, email, conversion, and SEO.

This course shares methods that we have found effective over the years. We invite you to feel emboldened and expand upon these foundations in your own career.

Why we built this course

Digital is a discipline that can seem abstract, theoretical, and hard to pin down. Demystifying digital and having the confidence to make data led decisions in digital marketing is the only way to shoot the HiPPO and give your customers what they want. We built this course to help budding marketers bridge the gap from academia to the real world and have the practical tools and knowledge to do the best work of your career.

Don't just take it from us...

We are footprint digital

Meet the instructors

Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm and nothing great is achieved alone. Your instructors are all members of Footprint Digital’s team of industry leaders with 1st class undergraduate degrees; masters degree distinctions; and people with 10 years+ industry experience. We are thought leaders, TED talkers, Department for International Trade advisors, academic guest lecturers, authors, business coaches, and charity trustees. We have brought together our wide ranging experience to help you Shoot the HiPPO.

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